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Long Range Instructor

Jim Smith

  • Lead Instructor in Spartan Tacticle
  • Long Range
  • Former Delta Force sniper
  • More than two decades experience
  • Works in USA
  • Speaks English


Jim's background as a tactical firearms instructor spans more than two decades. As a well-respected member of the Special Operations Community, Jim has trained and served with the most elite units in the U.S. Miltary in various theaters around the world. As part of his lengthy operational background he has served as an Airborne Ranger, Special Forces Engineer, Special Forces Operator and Sniper as well as being an accomplished breacher with years of explosives experience. A decorated combat veteran, Jim has been awarded the Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Purple Heart and numerous other military awards.

Accomplishments and Certifications

    Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (SOTIC) - certified instructor ASWG - Spartan Tactical was instrumental in developing a new comprehensive training program (from basic marksmanship to advanced combat skills and tactics) for the U.S. Military's Asymmetric Warfare Group (ASWG).

    Federal Air Marshall Training Program - One of the initial instructors called upon to create the Federal Air Marshall program post 9/11. Responsible for the hands on training of the Federal Air Marshalls for over three years.

    SURGE - A national firearms training program for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Spartan authored and later conducted the training program.

    FBI Combatives - Certified instructor

    FFDO - Wrote and conducted the Federal Flight Deck Officer's (FFDO) trainng program (armed pilots) post 9/11

    TTPOA - An endorsed instructor with the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association. Spartan Tactical has also trained numerous SWAT teams around the Nation.

    Representative Previous Students include:
    - U.S. Army Special Forces
    - U.S. Army 75th Rangers
    - Units representing most Divisions of the U.S. Army
    - U.S. Air Force Special Operations
    - MARSOC - U.S. Marine Corps Special Operations
    - Select Units of the U.S. Marine Corps
    - Various Federal Law Enforcement Agencies
    - Various State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies
    - Foreign Military Units from: Israel, Jordan, Greece, Germany, Italy