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Self Defence Instructor

Martin Cooper

  • ’Trainer of Trainers’
  • Fairbairn Sykes system
  • Former police officer in UK
  • Thirty years experience
  • Works in UK
  • Speaks English


Martin Cooper was a police officer in UK for thirty years. From 1986 to his retirement in 2005, he was a Tactical Firearms Response team member, acting in such roles as Firearms Response Unit, Rifle Officer and Close Protection Officer.

Martin was a 'Trainer of Trainers' and the lead Officer Safety trainer, responsible for unarmed combat, control & restraint, conflict management, baton & handcuff training. He was responsible for teaching the 'hard skills' in police bodyguard training, as well as CQB with firearms.

What he does

    Martin is the UK Chief Instructor of the International Police Defensive Tactics Association and the Explosive Self Defence System. He is also the chairman of the International Police Association: Defensive Tactics Group.

    Martin has taught the Fairbairn Sykes unarmed combat and pistol system many Law Enforcement departments in the UK and Europe.

    For the last ten years (since retiring from Law Enforcement), he has served in civilian Close Protection roles internationally, particularly Slovakia, Austria, South Africa & France and the UK.

    Martin is a consultant to a national UK university, delivering training in Conflict Management & Personal Protection to doctors, clinicians and health care workers within the UK and as part of their preparation for deployments to global hot spots, where medical research is required.

    Martin recently delivered Point Shooting training to various Special Forces units (UK and Europe) in relation to Counter Terrorist firearms tactics.