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Chief Instructor

Ondra Mach

  • Company CEO
  • Chief Instructor
  • 44 Years old
  • 23 Years Experience
  • Work in Czech Republic
  • Speaks Czech, English

What he does

Ondra started firearms training in early 90's with ex-armed forces members and instructors. Later he started cooperation with instructors from Israel, with classes from CP to pistol and rifle marksmanship. After eight years, it was time to move on. After organizing classes with Gabe Suarez in Czech Republic in 2004, he became the representative of Suarez International in the Czech Republic. Now, as an affiliate instructor, he is currently teaching SI marksmanship classes and developing marksmanship programs in specialized niches, such as CBRN, etc.

Work Experience

  • Combat Skills

    varied set of skills, whether it is martial arts or marksmanship. Ondra further trained with instructors from U.K., Germany, Serbia, Czech Republic and other places, in different fields associated with firearms, from pistols, through assault rifles, machineguns to precision rifles. From Modern Method to Fairbairn & Sykes Pointshooting.

  • Other Skills

    The knowledge and skills Ondra has acquired over the years are not only associated with the use of firearms, but also explosives, detectors, Security and Close Protection.

  • Close Protection Skills

    Among other fields, Ondra also worked as a Security and CP operator.